This video honors the sacrifice, courage, and dedication of the unsung heroes … who are still waiting for
the day.


The day we had scheduled the shooting of the beach scenes it was overcast and quite chilly a typical New
York early spring day. Because of scheduling conflicts, this early Sunday morning, Mother's Day, was the
only time we could all make it.

Helen LaLousis, the video's producer and director, along with cameraman Paul Kamin, were out scouting
the beach, checking angles and suitable areas.  As I walked up to them, I felt a few drops of rain and the
wind was kicking up. Helen was like: "Not to worry it's meant to be it will work out."  The rain stopped
momentarily, and  it looked like there might be a break in the sky, but it was still quite chilly.  

The scene called for Carolyn to be on the beach in a flowing, diaphanous dress waiting . . .waiting, half-
asleep and half-awake, imagining the return of her childhood crush and now deployed husband.  (It was
early enough that we were all half-asleep at that point.)

I was worried that it was going to be too cold for Carolyn to work in that dress, so I  went to check on her.
We had secured one of the cabanas where hair stylist and make-up artist Rita Madison was working on
Carolyn who by now was shivering and giving me looks.  (Actually she was a dream to work with . . . .but it
was pretty chilly!!)

And then it was magic.  When Carolyn was ready and made it down to the beach, the rain had stopped
completely, and the wind had died down. By now the sun was helping, and it had warmed up just a bit.  I
was carrying the boom-box all day playing the tune so Carolyn could lip sync when she had to, and
otherwise maintain the feel of the tune.  (That earned me the moniker "boombox boy").

I had only my cellphone with me, so these are the only shots we have of that day. (One other memory
stands out. After it was over and I was driving everyone back from Bekwith Pointe, New Rochelle, to
Manhattan, the GPS sent us past the exit for the Bronx Zoo.  The roadway was backed up in all lanes for
about a mile before we realized the problem; it was Mother's Day!)



Waiting for the Day is entered in the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Music Video

Producers: Helen LaLousis and Barry Strutt
Directed by: Helen LaLousis a/k/a Faceoff Productions
Performed by: Carolyn Leonhart
Music and Lyrics by: Barry Strutt

An early preview/review of the video summed up its essence succinctly and one hopes it lives up to the
words of praise:

"Barry Strutt’s latest music video, “Waiting for the Day,” is a triumph. The song and lyrics are haunting and
timely, and powerfully convey a universal message of hope and loss. Carolyn Leonhart delivers a stirring
performance, her voice and natural beauty always a joy to behold. Why isn’t she the star she deserves to
be? Highly recommended."

  ...Randy Sandke, (Author of
Harmony for the New Millenium)
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